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I started my own healthy lifestyle journey after being diagnosed with hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and was close to being pre-diabetic. I became a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Certified IN.FORM Holistic Health Coach, a Natural Health Specialist, a Certified Nutritionist and a Zumba Fitness Instructor. In the midst of my own healthy lifestyle journey I was also helping others, and their families reach their health goals, and to maintain them. It was a challenging journey for me, but through prayer, experiencing different herbal and holistic techniques, and changing my eating habits I was strengthened as a whole~mind, body, and spirit. I managed to reach my goals, and I no longer have those health issues. I’m so thankful for Nature’s Sunshine whose quality organic herbs have been a daily essential to my well-being for years. My passion is to continue to empower and assist others in the process of starting, are already going through, or are maintaining their own healthy lifestyle journey by offering them the same support, education, and experience if not better, so that they can live the optimal life that God has intended for them to live.

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